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Fulana Al-Fulaniyyah

I am a Videomaker, Traveler and Fashionista. Check out my links! ❤️

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You have so much more to share than just one link
We know about the struggle. Wether it's Instagram, Twitter or your Facebook page, they all allow you to use one link in your bio.
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Express Yourself

Everyone is different and has their own style.

We know that everyone has their own taste, their own imaginations and style. You can fully customize your link page by setting a background color or image, design your buttons and set your profile picture, title and description.

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You never have to change the link, you just update the content or design of your link site. Add, edit or remove links, change the design of your website without ever thinking about changing your links across all your profiles and social media presences.

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Linkpak is free for everyone to use.
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